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Shelter to Harness Wasted Energy

Waste space is inflated and warmed by the exterior vent of a building, emphasizing unused abundant energy created by inefficient building systems. The membrane is constructed from paneled garbage bags melted together, providing respite to the frigid passerby.


From conception to completion in 2 weeks, the project budget was $22 and passively achieved a temperature differential of over 50 degrees, placing first for Lowest Budget and Highest Temperature Differential in a class-wide competition. The geometry and scale of the intervention references the dome and mullions of Sibley Hall—the building from which it is given life.

Collaboration with Benjamin Mayne and Sasson Rafailov

Studio Course taught by Assistant Professor Sasa Zivkovic 

Sited in Ithaca, New York

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

February 2015

Waste Space
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