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Brad Nath works in the space where fantasies and fears about technologies and environments converge.

Their current work explores the relations between human-robot interaction and the human-canine bond.

Brad received an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship for body-based research at Universität der Künste (HZT) Berlin in 2022. In 2018 they received a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University in New York, where they also studied with Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri in the Department of Music.​

Brad's work has inhabited the UM Festival (Uckermark, 2023), Uferstudios (Berlin, 2022), Errant Sound (Berlin, 2022), Changing Room (Berlin, 2021), ZK/U Center for Arts and Urbanistics (Berlin, 2021), the "Parking Ist Bewegung" Festival (Berlin, 2021), Neurotitan Gallery (Berlin, 2021), Callie's (Berlin, 2021), the B-Part Gallery (Berlin, 2021), the Amplify residency at ACUD (Berlin, 2020), the Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle (Italy, 2020), the Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, 2019), the Berlin Performing Arts Festival (Germany, 2019), Uferstudios (Berlin, 2019), Potsdamer Tanztage (Germany, 2019), the Field Kitchen Academy (Germany, 2019), the In Parallel Spaces Festival (Germany, 2019), the Cesis Art Festival (Latvia, 2018), the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto (Canada, 2018), and AIAS Crit X Live (New York, 2018). ​​

Brad Nath (b. 1995, New York) has been living in Berlin since 2018.


Birds Aren't Real

group show with Zoé Brunet-Jailly and Michel Jocaille

IRL Gallery

New York City, USA

5 - 27 January 2024

(slowed + reverb)

mix for Verlag Verlag

Refuge Worldwide

Live Internet Broadcast

30 January 2024

For You

stage design and objects for live performance by Julie Carrere

Uferstudios (Studio 1)

Berlin, Germany

16 - 19 May 2024


New Foundation (2023)

Digital in Berlin (2022)

Amplify (2020)

 CLOT Magazine (2019)




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