Brad Nath is developing listening techniques that compose new forms of empathy between humans and their environments. His material research, live performances, music, and sound structures intend to expose the ways humans are terraforming Earth by revealing the sonic processes below the surface of the world we are building for ourselves—often his process involves amplifying bricks in an effort to deeply listen to one of the fundamental modules of the Anthropocene. 

Brad Nath is currently enrolled in the Masters of Solo/Dance/Authorship program at HZT in Berlin and holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University in New York where he studied Sound Art with Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri in the Department of Music. His thesis, titled “Acoustectonics”, was advised by professors in both the Architecture and Music departments and was awarded a medal by the faculty for its outstanding merit. He has performed and exhibited his work at the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Berlin Performing Arts Festival, Potsdamer Tanztage, the Amplify residency at ACUD Macht Neu, the Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle in Northern Italy, the Field Kitchen Academy in Perleberg, the In Parallel Spaces Festival in Leipzig, the Cesis Art Festival in Latvia, the Faculty of Music in the University of Toronto, the AIAS Crit X Live in New York, and spaces throughout Berlin where he has been living since the summer of 2018.