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Soundcheck in Studio 1

Rather than occurring before the audience arrives, a (kind of) soundcheck is performed live for the audience to listen in.

This soundcheck, however, departs from the conventional goal of optimizing listening conditions before a live performance and instead involves complicating its acoustic relations.

The ASMR Harness is used to amplify contact between its user and the surfaces of a built environment to research instances of collective architectural intimacy.

Rather than understanding amplified anomalies as intrusions to the live performance, the piece considers feedback, delay, and distortions
as collaborative entities which inform bodily movements.

The piece posits the performance venue itself to be a subject with a rich capacity for movement and seeks to amplify it.

Soundcheck in Studio 1 brings together architectural, acoustic and body-based research in an attempt to restructure the relations between inhabitation, listening and movement.


Live performance (42 minutes)

Final piece for the MA SODA Program at HZT Berlin

Listening Techniques and Performance by Brad Nath

Light Design and Creative Technology by Fluxgeist

Costume Development by Tanja Bombach

Mentoring by Diego Agulló and Mona Mahall

Tutoring by Janez Janša

Photographs by Alicja Hoppel

Video Recorded by Froilán Urzagasti


Berlin, Germany

29 + 30 April 2022

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