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"I like an arch"

While the Late-Modernist Starchitect Louis Kahn is mostly remembered for his monumental building style (and more recently for having two secret families, both with women who had previously worked for him) he also happens to remain in the canon of architectural history through an anecdote about his conversation with a brick.


Advocating for listening to how building materials want to be used, Kahn explained how he once asked a brick "What do you want, Brick?", to which the brick replied, "I like an arch".

The kinetic sculpture ponders this conversation as well as the personalities of starchitects and the structural dynamics of their office culture (for example, this could have also been a piece about Ricard Meier).

From the exhibition text of The Performing Object group show:

"At KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße, PS120 presents a (digital) group show 'The Performing Object', a exhibition that asked the question of what happens when the performers are not present, does the remaining object carry their absence?"


The Performing Object Group Exhibition

Curated by Justin Polera

PARKING IST BEWEGUNG Festival during Gallery Weekend

Curated by Jakob Urban

Last three images taken as stills from video by Moritz Kußmaul, Danilas Abukeviciu, Sara Feilen, Claudia Brieske, and Jakob Urban

More information about the group show can be found here

KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße

Berlin, Germany

May 2021

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