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Sound Reinforcement

The film exposes the sounds of contact between an inhabitant and the exterior of an architecture of war whose structure was designed to evade, repel, and mediate incredibly powerful forces.

The particular geometry of the Winkelturme was invented to not just avoid falling explosives through its narrow footprint, but also—in the rare instance of a direct hit—the angles were designed to deflect falling bombs without immediate detonation.

While over 200 Winkelturme were built during WWII, thirty remain today throughout Germany. Zossen, a town in Brandenburg with a complex military history, contains a unique concentration of seven towers all within a short walking distance from one another. 

The brutal exteriors of the towers are approached with an unexpected kind of tenderness through bodily attempts to defy, confront, and adapt to their angled surfaces.

Wondering what might come from the friction of this contact, the film amplifies, archives, and gives an unexpected voice to these strange relics which today stand quietly, scattered throughout the residential complex in peculiar urban constellations.

Single Channel Video and Stereo Sound (10 minutes)

On Site Assistance from Yuske Taninaka

Costume Development from Tanja Bombach

​Funded by Musikfonds e.V. STIP-II 

Zossen, Germany

May 2022 - October 2022

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