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Nyla's Stone (Urban Fabric)

A loose paving stone in the sidewalk is removed and replaced with a new stone in response to an interview with Nyla, a former resident of this area.

Here, public space is understood as a material that can and should be maintained, marked, and potentially even contested directly by the members of its public.

Nyla is a Berliner who lived nearby in a ground floor storefront with her father from the age of six. After two years, they had to leave their home on Fehrbelliner Str. when their contract wasn't renewed in favor of architects that wanted to open an office.  

Made within the frame of the Interwoven exhibition that was held at the Neurotitan Gallery, the stone was cast directly from the texture of a shirt that Nyla's father had given to her during their time living in this neighborhood. 

The paving stone for Nyla can be found across the street from Veteranenstr. 20, at the Westernmost entrance of the Volkspark am Weinberg. It is one in a series of three paving stones which attempt to mark a place within the urban fabric with an additional layer of meaning through the transfer of a textile into the concrete sidewalk.

Interwoven Group Exhibition

Neurotitan Gallery

Story, Shirt and Site from Nyla Sayman

Curated by Neza Peterle

Berlin, Germany

July 2021

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