A Jukebrick is a building unit that is able to act as a speaker.


Test 001 involves broadcasting an interview excerpt with American experimental music composer John Cage through four units made of plaster, silicone, topsoil and concrete.


Transcription of excerpt from John Cage:


We don't see much difference between Time and Space. We don't know where one begins and the other stops *laughs*. So that - uh - most of the arts we think of as being in Time, and most of the arts we think of as being in Space. I - Marcel Duchamp for instance, began thinking of time - I mean, thinking of music, as being not a Time art but a Space art and he made it a piece called "Sculpture Musical", which means: *clears throat* different sounds, coming from different places, and lasting, producing a sculpture, which is Sonares, and which remains.

Presented at the Pyramid Exhibition with Dark Studio led by Visiting Critic Mona Mahall

Sibley Hall at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York