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Amplified Bricks at In Parallel Spaces

Bricks cast with embedded audio electronics allow the ubiquitous building modules to function as sound objects.


The performance features a selection of bricks from a system that is being developed to construct full-scale sonically active architectural environments. Made from a range of materials—concrete, plaster, wax, silicone—each brick expresses its unique sonic signature when activated by a performer or stacked upon another, resulting in physical feedback.

In Parallel Spaces was a five day festival for contemporary music and performance held in Leipzig, Germany at the dual venues of NYG - West Gallery and Noch Besser Leben. In addition to concerts, performances, installation and dj-sets, the artists of the festival came together to discuss their musical and artistic positions.

In Parallel Spaces

Festival for Contemporary Music and Performance organized by NYG - West Gallery

Documentation by Sonja Heyen, Hanna Schubert and Paul Fischer with Floid TV

Editing by Brad Nath

Leipzig, Germany

January 2019

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