Brick ASMR

Brick ASMR was a series of videos created during lockdown in an attempt to respond to the social anxieties that the COVID 19 pandemic produced in urban environments. 

Inspired by the aesthetics of ASMR videos on Youtube, bricks were collected during neighborhood walks to the supermarket. The objects were amplified using various physical techniques, allowing the listener to experience the vibrations within the material of the building modules as a stereo signal. One clip was published each day on Instagram for three months featuring various objects and gestures.

The delicate aesthetics of these recordings attempt to trigger soothing sensations for the spectator by engaging in tactile intimacy with the elements of the built environment itself. This was provided as a kind of service to people, at a time when most city dwellers were in fact trapped in their rooms and detached from the material reality of the urban environment. 

More videos can be found here.

Instagram Series

Lockdown (First Wave)

Bedroom Recording Studio

Berlin, Germany

March - May 2020