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Field Recording

A sonic and physical field recording of the Gleisdreieck Park manifests as an amplified paving stone. 

Before being reconstructed into a public park, the railway area around the traffic junction at Gleisdreieck stood as a wasteland since the end of WWII. Today, remnants of the site's history can be read from several zones of stones which seem to have been collected together from throughout the railyard during its reconstruction into the public park.

For the Synchronicities exhibition at the B-Part Gallery located directly within the park, one of these stone zones was investigated as a subject of inquiry. Leading up to the exhibition, a series of body-based experiments within the stone zone led to some stones being gathered and processed into aggregate directly on site to be used as an ingredient in concrete.

The concrete mix containing the stone fragments of Gleisdreieck was used to produce a Berlin standard paving stone—the foundational building module for the city's sidewalks.

Embedded within the paving stone is a speaker that resonates the building module. From within, one can quietly hear the chiseled fragments of stones being rubbed against one another, accompanied by a whispering human voice that reflects on the process of extracting the materials from a common resource and processing them into a module of the built environment. 


Site-specific Stone, Lime, Cement, Sand, Water, Embedded Speaker, Audio Cable, Sound (6 minutes)

35 x 35 x 5 cm

Synchronicities Group Exhibition

Curated by Leoni Fischer and Jakob Kukula

Final Image by Andreas Schimaski

B-Part Gallery

Gleisdreieck Park

Berlin, Germany

February 2021 - April 2021

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