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Amplified Floor

The sprung dance floor has been deconstructed into its material layers and embedded with microphones to amplify the movements of its inhabitants.


Through the amplification of sounds which normally go unheard or unnoticed, the respective layers of vinyl, plywood, neoprene and concrete provide the body with new sensitivities—rather than simply moving along the surface, inhabitants move in conversation with the deep mass of the materials themselves.

The modules were designed for use in a live dance performance whose choreography was derived with the newfound spatial empathy granted to the inhabitant. This hour long piece was developed in collaboration with the PAUL Dance Collective and will be premiered at the Berlin Performing Arts Festival in the summer of 2019.

Performance Information at Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2019

Sound Structure by Brad Nath

Movements by PAUL Collective (Vera Koeppern, Zahra Banzi, Jojo Hammer, Edegar Starke)

Costume Design by Rhea Schmidt

Video Documentation by Enzo Mosconi

Photo Documentation by Shai Levy

Berlin, Germany

June 2019

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