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Amplified Bricks at Wall Series X

Bricks cast with embedded audio electronics allow the ubiquitous building modules to function as sound objects.


The performance features a selection of bricks from a system that is being developed to construct full-scale sonically active architectural environments. Made from a range of materials—plaster, wax, silicone—each brick expresses its unique sonic signature when activated or stacked upon another. The sounds of the amplified objects choreograph the movements of the performer in a feedback loop.

The Wall Series is a bimonthly performance art series curated by the PAUL Collective and held in their studio in Neukolln, Berlin. The tenth edition of The Wall Series gathered artists that had performed in past volumes and gave them to opportunity to present an iteration of the work that they shared previously.

Wall Series Vol. X organized by PAUL Studios 

Berlin, Germany

February 2020

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