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Dogoid (arctic) at UM Festival

Dogoid dwells in the space between biological dogs and robotic quadrupeds to complicate our understanding of their boundaries.

The anatomy of the dogoid defies classical notions of the body, its ambiguities

seeming to produce paradoxes of movement and subjectivity that only silicon-based creatures seem to enable. 

At the same time, dogoids seek to investigate the robotic logic imbued deep within the DNA of our beloved biological companions, beginning with their domestication from wolves into obedient tools to extend the hunting capacities of humans, and soon after, for various types of labor depending on the breed. 

Dogoids embody the range of fantasies and fears which emerge from examining human robot interaction and embodied AI in relation to the human-canine bond.

Faux Fur, Steel, Foam

140 x 70 x 40 cm 

Presented at UM Festival

Curated by Ece Pazarbasi

Gerswalde, Germany

8-10 September 2023

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