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Captured Spaces

A 42 minute film about the moving body's relationship to architecture was created to play concurrently with a live dance performance at the 2017 Locally Grown Dance Festival in Ithaca, New York.

The live performance of Captured Spaces explored dance as live performance in reference to experience mediated by the building and the frame of the camera. Dance captured on video in various locations, using different perspectives to frame the space, created new perspectives when juxtaposed with the onstage choreography. While video was projected concurrently with the live dancers, the screened figures sometimes shadowed the real dancers to recall the ghost of other places. As the architecture that the dance occurred within greatly influenced the staging and perception of the choreography, perhaps the relationship between figure and ground (dancer and space) became reversed.

Produced for Locally Grown Dance Festival

Choreography and Performance Direction by Jumay Chu

Lighting and Performance Direction by Ed Intemann

Performed by Deanna Myskiw, Khoo Ee and Danielle LaGrua

Schwartz Center of Performing Arts at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York


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